Sister Agnes joins the church in hopes to change it's perception from the inside. When she is ultimately forced to make a decision to take action against the institution she has vowed to protect,  she now starts to question her faith.


Currently in post production. 

16 min. Short Film

Commissioned by FTVC

Writer / Director: Zoey Martinson 

HBO Short Film

Ghana, West Africa

Writer / Director: Zoey Martinson 

An aging fisherman goes out to sea one day and returns with a talking fish. Set in Ghana West Africa, this quirky comedy explores our need to stay relevant against the backdrop of a developing nation.

Language: Ga, Pidgin, English

*Award Winner​

TV Movie 

DSTV, MzansiMagic, South Africa

Director: Zoey Martinson 

Set in the Western Cape and Cape Town, South Africa. Uthandiwe has followed the rules her entire life. Letting her royal amaXhosa culture dictate the course of her life. When her father arranges her marriage for financial gain Uthandiwe now must make a choice. Either obey or loose her family and marry the man she truly loves. 

Language: isiXhosa, English

Aspire TV/ UPTV Short Film

Commissioned by FTVC

Writer / Director: Zoey Martinson 

Nick Morano has a comfortable desk job at the Department of Homeland Security monitoring immigration targets. When the Trump administration suddenly changes the game by declaring a war on immigration, Nick now must choose to work for this new system or against it.

Language: Spanish, English

*Award Winner

F.A.M. Creative

In Development

Director: Zoey Martinson 

Exploring a a woman coming of age through a series of breakups and rebuilding. 

Currently in Post Production

Additional Work

Visiting Director HBO / Shadowing Director 

Succession (Season 2), HBO

Betty (Season 1), HBO

Plot Against America (Miniseries), HBO

The Goldbergs, ABC

Other Work:

Skate Kitchen (Sundance)

  Acting Coach Preproduction & On Set: Zoey Martinson

The Kindergarten Teacher (Sundance, Netflix) 

  Acting Coach: Zoey Martinson

Beasts of No Nation (Netflix)

  Acting Coach Preproduction & On Set: Zoey Martinson

  Associate Casting Director: Zoey Martinson

UCB & Funny or Die

Various Sketches directed by Zoey Martinson

Fox 5 News, NYC Travel Segment World Citizen by Nasan Fitz Henley

Interviewer/ Cinematographer:  Episode 1 (Jamaica) & Episode 2

Paint Where it Aint: Documentary by Brandon B'Mike Odums 

Interviewer/ Cinematographer: Zoey Martinson 

New Orleans, Houston, Arizona Apache Reservation

Zoey has appeared on THE PATH (Hulu), BULL (CBS), LAW & ORDER (NBC), GOD FRIENDED ME (CBS) 

ARE WE THERE YET (TBS Sitcom, 15 episodes) and Feature Film RESTLESS CITY (Sundance), STREET TO TABLE (SAG)